Skólavörðustígur 22,

101 Reykjavík

Pictures from Iceland


A shiny little red store in Reykjavík Iceland where you find nice photography, while listening to music played from vinyl records.

Photos by ARI SIGVALDASON and friends.


Fótógrafí opened in May 2007 and is located on Skólavörðustígur in Reykjavík. The store is the first of it’s kind in Iceland.

We offer pictures from all over Iceland.. It’s the perfect memory from your trip.

We usually have some records spinning on our phonograph. Our huge LP collection has is filled with lovely records from the sixties, seventies and eighties. On the walls are over 300 vintage film cameras hanging for you to look at.

You can now choose from a selection of our prints to purchase online. Click here.



+354 821 5600



Skólavörðustígur 22
101 Reykjavík


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Directions to Fótógrafí

Look for the tallest building on top the of the hill in downtown Reykjavík, the cathedral called Hallgrímskirkja.  The street in front of Hallgrímskirkja is named Skólavörðustígur. We're there in the little red house some 200 yards down from the cathedral.  See you.